President Lu Dan visit the Secretary General of the SCO Secretariat to actively build a new platform for education cooperation with “The Belt and Road”

2019/4/18 10:31:24

On April 16, Prof. Lu Dan, the president of University of Sanya, went to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Secretariat headquartered in Beijing and met with the new Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Mr. Vladimir Norov. The two sides will establish cooperative relations and create a cooperation mechanism to jointly promote the cooperation between USY and the SCO national universities in multi-form, multi-channel and multi-disciplinary discussions, and reach a broad consensus. Zhuo Nong, deputy secretary-general of the SCO, and Zoe Che ,vice president of USY, director of the ministry, attended the meeting.



Prof. Lu Dan, the president of University of Sanya, met with the new Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Mr. Vladimir Norov


The Shanghai Cooperation Organization was formally established in Shanghai in 2001. It is a permanent intergovernmental international organization composed of eight countries including China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, India and Pakistan.At present, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has become the inter-regional multilateral comprehensive organization with the largest population, the most extensive territory and great potential, and has made important contributions to maintaining regional security and stability and promoting common development and prosperity. On January 1, 2019, Mr. Norov officially served as Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. As a senior diplomat, he served as Uzbekistan Foreign Minister and Presidential Strategic Advisor.


President Lu Dan first congratulated Mr. Norov on his new appointment and wished him a successful performance.President Lu Dan first introduced the latest developments in the run of USY and the basic situation of international cooperation and exchange between the school and the SCO universities.He said that "the country is in the hands of the people", USY is willing to play its unique location advantages and school-running characteristics, and based on the good cooperation foundation established with the universities of the SCO countries to build a systemic relationship with the SCO Secretariat. Supporting and coordinating the humanities exchanges in the fields of education, culture and tourism carried out by the SCO Secretariat in Sanya, making new contributions to the enrichment and innovation of the “One Belt and One Road”, especially the cultural exchanges between countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt.At the same time, president Lu Dan also introduced the "ASEAN -China Private Higher Education Cooperation Forum" sponsored by USY and the experience of the "ASEAN -China Private University Alliance" promoted. Hoping to learn from this experience and promote USY and more OECD countries and universities have established similar long-term mechanisms.


Former Chinese Ambassador to Russia, former Deputy Foreign Minister, and First Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Zhang Deguang met with Secretary General Norov and President Lu Dan.


Secretary General Norov thanked President Lu Dan for his special visit and expressed his admiration for the development of USY as a representative of China's outstanding private universities in just over ten years.He agreed with the willingness of USY to establish a cooperative relationship with the SCO Secretariat, saying that the SCO will actively support and assist USY to promote cooperation with the SCO National Private University to hold a presidential dialogue.He believes that the in-depth cooperation of higher education is of great significance for the development of humanities exchanges between countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt. Secretary-General Ronov also briefly introduced the basic situation of the SCO and its secretariat, and stated that vigorously promoting and deepening humanities exchanges between SCO countries, including educational cooperation, is one of the priorities of his term of office. The cooperation intention proposed by President Lu Dan coincided with the work focus of strengthening humanities exchange during his term of office.


President Lu Dan exchanges gifts with Mr. Norov

At present, our school has carried out different levels of educational cooperation with relevant universities in the international education cooperation, and it has carried out nearly 10 SCO national universities with Moscow State University, Voronezh State University, Kazakhstan Abai National Normal University and so on. Exchange students, teacher-student exchanges, scientific research cooperation, curriculum sharing, academic seminars and other projects. Many foreign students from universities in the SCO countries study at USY, and actively promote the development of Chinese-foreign cooperative education projects with advantageous disciplines and majors.



Our school initiated the establishment of the ACAPHEI


ASEAN represents the countries along the Silk Road, and the SCO represents the Silk Road Economic Belt countries, which together constitute the "One Belt and One Road" two wings. The cooperation mechanism established by our school with the SCO's private university presidents forum is of great significance to the development of international education in our school. It will echo the ASEAN private university forum and jointly promote the extensive development and in-depth cooperation of The Belt and Road” private universities.

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